Thursday, November 20, 2014

ArcticWeb 2.0 Released

We (the ArcticWeb team) have released ArcticWeb 2.0. This version contains the new features current forecast, ice concentration forecast, ice thickness forecast, ice speed forecast, ice accretion forecast as well as satellite image and a number of improvements and bug fixes. We decided to release ArcticWeb as version 2.0, because this release is the sum of features being target for ArcticWeb development in 2014. 

New features, improvements and bug fixes in this release are: 
  • Current forecast
  • Ice concentration forecast
  • Ice thickness forecast
  • Ice speed forecast
  • Ice accretion forecast
  • Ability to view NASA satellite images in ArcticWeb
  • A page enabling user to give feedback at any time.
  • Departure date and time is no longer maintained in Route Edit view, but only in Schedule view. It will thus become easier to use the Forecast on route feature.
  • Latest DMI weather forecast is now always shown. 
  • Content of Inshore ice reports are now always shown correctly.

Features worth mentioning from previous releases in 2014 are: 
  • Iceberg charts
  • Inshore ice reports
  • Weather forecasts from DMI
  • Forecasts for routes
  • Import of schedule data from Excel sheet.
  • Import of SAM ChartPilot ECDIS route files
  • Import of Sperry Marine VisionMaster FT route files
  • Reporting to coastal control 


I have previously not used my blog for this kind of updates, but this may change in the future.